Building for the future

Donner is committed to the care of the environment and the respect all its species. Every year it optimizes its production processes in order to cooperate with the sustainable protection of the planet and to improve the lives of its inhabitants.

SustentabilidadRecycling materials68% of waste is reused.
SustentabilidadUsage of green materials

76% of materials employed are implanted and renewable woods.

SustentabilidadOptimized productive processes

After exhaustive studies done over 30 years of experience, Donner has optimized its standards of material and energy usages in order to reduce the impact on the environment.

SustentabilidadCommitment to societyRespect for human beings and social responsibility are the two pillars by which Donner measures itself. The company works closely with Garrahan Pediatrics Hospital and with Un techo para mi País Association, to whom it donates a house every year.